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HR MANGTAA an online Human Resource Management System. It is designed so flexible that it can be used by any organization irrespective of the size and structure. Below are the enlisted industries where HR MANGTAA can be a highly efficient:

  • Manufacturing and Retailing
  • Healthcare and Medical
  • Media and Marketing
  • Education and Non Profit Organization
  • Technology and Communication
  • Government Agencies
  • Customer Service Industry
  • BPO & KPO
  • Accounting and Financial Establishment
  • Logistics
  • Agriculture Industry
  • Clothing and Apparels
  • Construction and Real Estate
  • Consulting Organization
  • Hotels and Hospitality Groups
  • Insurance Companies
  • IT Oriented Service Industries
  • Legal Bodies
  • And Many More……

Whether you are Manufacturer, Service provider,Trading Company, Warehousing, Large, Medium Small Scale industry with a staff of more then 20 people HR MANGTAA gives you the flexibility to manage HR responsibilities in the way that works best for your organization.


MANGTAA has a presence all around the world and provide local sales and technical support to every customer. Our software is available in a variety of modules to suit your needs, and includes maintenance for the first year which covers technical support, software updates and additional benefits.
We’re available to provide the information and support you need.

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As per Sir Isaac Newton Third Law: “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”

But here in MANGTAA we defy the law as we offer our MANGTAA Product to our customer delivering some real efficient USP in our product in comparison to the cost of the automation tool.

 User Friendliness

MANGTAA Products strictly follow the Law of Least Astonishment: The program should act in a way that least astonishes the user. MANGTAA products are so simple that it reduces the demand of a computer expert to automate the system


MANGTAA have developed a unique framework which helps to keep the development cycle short and module pricing at a minimum. Hence we guarantee our customer with efficient automation at affordable price.


Software as a Service virtually eliminates risks and large expenses associated with a system purchase. All MANGTAA products are developed as SAAS model thereby reducing the customer initial hardware cost.


MANGTAA's products implementation is not a tedious job. MANGTAA's Products are SaaS solution (“Software as a Service”). This means that you don’t need to buy servers and server software to start using it. You don’t need employees to maintain and upgrade servers either. We host the whole thing for you. Safe backup firewalls and security is our responsibility.
All you have to do is focus on actually using the software to run your rental business.

  Tested And Approved

Every MANGTAA product post development is subjected to a stern testing procedure where it is been tested for its applicability, business process flow, user friendliness, integration, data security and system performance in order to deliver our customer a best of breed product.


Post-implementation support is what happens when the switch is turned on. Appropriate levels of resources, rapid response times and coordination of efforts are key success factors which MANGTAA promises to its clients.

Not only will you be seeing the benefits of our relationship with you, you can also help to make a difference! We love to hear any feedback and we ask customers to join in on discussion threads in our MANGTAA Product Forum


After the implementation, MANGTAA provide training to your staff on the current version of automation software.


MANGTAA believes in continuous research and also have a process of continuous feedback evaluation as a result the product gets enhanced day by day, All the upgrades are passed on to the existing customers at merely no cost.


Return on Investment, every business investment be it a big or small need the judgment of its investment. MANGTAA products are an attribute to the parameters of ROI as we have a count on every aspect of an investment. As MANGTAA product are Quality tested and approved with an effective implementation plan that it reduces all the installation cost, hardware cost and operating cost hereby giving our customers an efficient healthy 24X7 employee named as MANGTAA Product

1. What is HR MANGTAA ?

HR MANGTAA is a Human Resource Management System (HRMS) made specifically for present technology driven business process. It replaces paper-based, time-consuming and error-prone manual HR/Payroll methods with an easy to use application. It can be customized as per client needs to desired level of automation and budget. It uses state-of-art technology from Microsoft to streamline your HR workflow. It offers an end-to-end integration of HR functions with Payroll and self service modules to manage employee profiles, benefits, leave, loan and salary calculations.

2. Does HR MANGTAA integrate with different attendance recording devices (RFID, Magnetic or Biometric)?

Yes, HR MANGTAA integrate with different attendance recording devices. Provided the Vendor provides the device API. HR MANGTAA provides online live time tracking system.

3. What are the Edition for HR MANGTAA ?

There are 5 different editions available for HR MANGTAA

Starter Edition : This is used by small companies with employees from 20 to 100.

Professional Edition : This is used by all companies with employees from 20 to 1000 and above.

Performance Edition : This is used by corporate companies who have high weight age on performance of employees.

Recruitment Edition : This is used by Large Scale companies, Recruitment Agencies and companies who have high attrition rates.

Enterprise Edition : This is used by Large Scale companies.

4. What are the key features of HR MANGTAA ?

Yes. Membership in the HRMS Mangtaa Partner Program is an annual subscription. Each partner level has a corresponding annual fee. See the benefits matrix for the fees.

The key features of HR MANGTAA are as follows:

  • HRMS
  • HR Self Service
  • Payroll Management
  • Goal Management
  • Loan Management
  • Compensation Planning
  • Training Management
  • 360 Degree Feedback Platform
  • On boarding
  • Applicant Tracking/Recruitment Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Manpower Planning
5. How long does it take to implement?

HR MANGTAA takes about 6-7 days to implement depending on complexity involved. Implementation Steps:-

  • Company Setup and configuration
  • Conduct user training (Basic)
  • Entry of Sample Master Data
  • Process transaction, pay slip and reports
  • Testing of HR MANGTAA by user and do the customization request
  • Development of customization request (Only in Reports)
  • Implementation of customization request in sample test environment
  • Testing after customization
  • Removal of testing data after completion of HR MANGTAA testing
  • Signing off of the implementation plan
6. Why should I use HR MANGTAA ? Tell me the main benefits of your service.

We think the key benefit can be described with one word – RELIEF! Relief from time spent juggling data. Relief from the headache of updating and changing employee data on a spreadsheet or piece of paper (or a post-it or whiteboard). Relief from technical headaches and problems.

7. What do I need to use HR MANGTAA Let me know what type of computer or internet connection I need.

You just need a browser, like Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari, and an internet connection. You can access your information anytime, anywhere… which is always nice when you explain to your boss why you should be able to work from home!

8. Do I have to install anything? Please tell me that I don't.

Okay, you don’t! Also, we are constantly updating the system and adding new features, and you never have to worry about upgrading because we take care of that for you. The tools and features will just keep getting better as you tell us what you want. We just want to make it easy, fast, and simple (you’ll be hearing that a lot around here).Just keep up with the latest browser versions.

9. How Can I Contact You?

Please provide your details on the contact us form. Search for he nearest Partners from find a partner link. For technical queries please refer to support helpdesk.

10. What is SaaS? I keep hearing the term, but what exactly is it?

Software-as-a-Service (or SaaS) refers to applications and services that are provided online, rather than software you have to install on your computer.

With SaaS, you access your application using a web browser. Generally, you pay for these services on a monthly per-user and/or per-service subscription basis. All the high costs you would normally have: such as hardware and infrastructure that hosts the software, the right to use the software, and all maintenance, upgrades, and support services are included in the monthly subscription fee. In other words, for many companies it is cheaper, easier, faster, and they don’t have the headache of maintenance, upgrades, and cost of personnel to manage it.

Old and Expensive way(Yuck) Software-As-A-Service

You pay the entire costs upfront when you acquire
the application. You also pay for maintenance fees along the way.

You pay a monthly subscription price.

You are responsible for installing, upgrading,
and maintaining the application.

Nothing to install.

You are responsible for backing up your data
and the application and for making sure that a copy of the backup is in a safe offsite

Daily backups happen automatically.

Technical support is generally available only
for an additional payment to the vendor.

Technical support is included.

You have to purchase and install any upgrades
to insure that the application is applicable to your current needs.

Upgrades are included.

As your business grows you have to purchase and
install additional servers to support the growth.

The system scales as your company grows.

11. Do you provide outsourced HR/Payroll services?

We have tied up with reputed and experienced service providers who provide HR outsourcing services on the HR MANGTAA platform. Contact us for further details.

12.What happens if we decide to discontinue your services?

A subscription service can be stopped at any time with one month notice. Discontinuation of the service can be done only after a min period of 3 months of subscription.
Once the services are formally discontinued, we permanently delete all the data from our servers and within 3 months from all backup tapes.