Claims & Reimbursements

A HRIS, which is also known as a human resource information system (HRIS) or human resource management system (HRMS) is basically the connection of HR and IT through online HR software. This allows human resource activities and processes to occur electronically.

The HRIS forms the heart of HR Mangtaa. A module has a powerful HR analytics tool that helps in employee data management. Module mainly contains information about the employee, covering areas like Personal Details, Status of Employee, Educational Qualifications, Professional Experience, Position details within the organization, Skill sets, Remuneration details, Travel and Identity details etc.

Employee Database is linked with the HR and Payroll. So, a user can easily view and navigate to all the transactions of an employee and get a comprehensive report on an employee’s performance in the company.

  • This Module of HR Mangtaa includes an official main page that shows a complete detail of employee like the department, the location he belongs to, the date of confirmation and retirement.
  • Dynamic employee code creation is available wherein the code pattern is automatically generated based on a combination of alphabets or serial numbers.
  • The user can view employee personal details he can also update his marital status, hobbies, sports, extracurricular activities he participates and awards he has received.
  • The user can view, update employee’s job experience, academic and qualification details.
  • The user can maintain Disciplinary actions like suspensions, salary cuts or terminations in this module.
  • Searching the employee database is made easier- user can do it based on criteria, age, and experience in the company. The user can also generate reports of it easily.
  • You can send email / SMS to your employees by creating templates for the same.
  • Full and final exit form for an employee when he leaves the office is available wherein details like reason for exit, date of resignation are to be filled. User can decide whether to disable him from logging onto HR Mangtaa.

HR Mangtaa Payroll Software Module is designed to handle varied types of payroll and business specific rules ensuring all business specific payroll rules can be implemented in the software. Fully integrated with modules like leave & attendance, time & location tracking, claims & reimbursements, loans & advances, bonus, performance management etc. HR Mangtaa is the most advanced and comprehensive Payroll software system with dynamic pay slip generation, TDS, PF, ESI etc. with online challan where supported by government

Payroll generation is the single most tedious and time consuming task that is often split across HR and Accounting functions within an organization, with HR Mangtaa this task can be completed in a matter of minutes versus days. Given the cost of HR Mangtaa we are confident that your organization will more than recover the cost of this software simply through the time savings achieved by doing your monthly process through our automated Payroll module. It is important to note that we do not charge you per employee for Payroll, what this means is that no matter how many employees you have in your organization your cost for using the software never changes.

We are in an era where time is money and companies are automating every aspect of their operations to the extent possible, should you not be doing the same with your HR function? HR Mangtaa is the answer Digital India has been looking for, we save you the time by automating the tedious paperwork so HR can focus on things they really should be doing, i.e. interacting with employees, increasing morale, building a company culture, team-building etc.

HR Mangtaa is an end-to-end payroll management system that provides payroll solutions on cloud for large, medium or small enterprises. With its extensive features, this payroll software is an affordable way to process payroll across any industry or vertical including Manufacturing, Telecom, IT, ITES, Retail, BFSI, FMCG, Logistics, Engineering, Pharmaceuticals and Entertainment. Our solutions require little or no additional infrastructure costs and are packed with powerful tools that can process payroll for a couple or a few thousand employees.

  • Define any kind of loans or salary advances and calculate on flat, reducing, PMT and average value method.
  • HR Mangtaa payroll software automatically calculates loan EMI once the loan is granted.
  • The personal or housing loan comes as a deduction in the pay slip. Can generate reports for the same and track how many employees have taken the loan and how much of the loan money is outstanding.
  • Perks earning can be defined in the System along with the number of pay earning, perk recovery and deductions.
  • As per the requirements, Pay heads can be included in full or final settlement or a flexible benefits plan or in group insurance.
  • Adjustments can be based on full or negative or partial amount for any deductions like PF.
  • Most complex pay can be calculated with the help of HR Mangtaa. HR Mangtaa is customized 100%.
  • Easily configure the pay heads including flexible benefits based on a formula or a maximum limit.
  • The module has Profession Tax table.
  • Powerful income tax formula builder.
  • Salary can be processed in few easy steps.
  • Employees can view their salary, loan and income tax slips online in a few clicks.
  • Standard reports can be generated for the company or can be looked at more granularly at the department, designation or branch level.
  • Automated generation of salary statements, Form 16, PF, ESIC statements, loan transactions, arrears exemptions, TDS reports, salary reconciliation, e-form 24 Q, PF and ESIC reports and challans can also be managed and generated at the click of a button.
  • User friendly set-up features to create your organization
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Date-based transactions to handle retrospective and multiple pay revisions
  • Easy to use online help manual

Understanding what your employees are up to is critical to every organizations continued success. With HR Mangtaa you now do not have to worry about where your employees are with complete and seamless integration with any Biometric device. Have employees who work in the field, or off-site, you no longer have to worry, with our ESS module Time and Location Tracking is built into our mobile app, allowing you to know exactly where your employee is at any given time. With this one feature our customers have been able to see significant cost savings within their organizations and feel confident they are getting the most out of their employees.

Along with time tracking the module also allows you to customize your shifts with flexible shift option. You can also incorporate any corporate rules you have in terms of attendance such as late arrivals, half days, overtime etc. and have the results automatically reflect in the payroll for that given month. HR Mangtaa is designed to take the hassle out of managing a work force.

  • Module can capture data from any access control or Biometric system directly on real time basis from any and multiple locations. You can have an attendance rooster on your desktop every morning.
  • Allows you to set different attendance month period other than calendar month.
  • Can set different public holidays for different employees.
  • Different rules for fixed/flexi and semi flexi shift can be defined.
  • Different week offs can be set for different employees.
  • Different set of rules for absent can be applied.
  • Employees can swipe their attendance using Employee Self-Service if they forget to punch in biometric machine.
  • Auto shift rotation is done easily for employees.
  • Can set different policies for late coming, early going, monthly deficit hours and overtime.
  • Admin control so no one can manipulate their working hours.

HR Mangtaa has a comprehensive and flexible leave management system with dynamic two level approval to manage leave request of employees based on rules and roles defined by the organization. The Leave and Attendance management module is fully integrated with Payroll module to ensure leave and attendance is reflected in the monthly payroll process taking the hassle of having to verify against an attendance rooster every pay cycle.

With ESS module employees are able to directly send leave requests electronically, either through the web or through their mobile application. Reporting managers and HR can easily approve or reject a request through their web login or via their mobile applications, making the whole process hassle free and extremely smooth.

With the ESS employees can directly check on their attendance, as well as status of their leave applications etc. giving employees the power to access their information directly greatly reduces the administrative burden on HR.

  • If employee request leave though ESS module, Automatic notification will be sent on request form for Approval / Rejection.
  • Report of Leave summary and history of all employees can be viewed on one screen.
  • Provision for maximum or minimum leaves at a time in a year can be set.
  • HR and Managers can track how many employees are going to be on leave in a certain period for advanced leave planning.
  • This module helps keep track of company assets like PCs, Mobile, etc. which are allotted to the employees, under whose charge it was allotted etc. Medical, mileage, petrol, travel bills, etc., can be claimed by employees through online or mobile submission via ESS module. All this is fully integrated with the payroll module making the monthly payment cycle stress and hassle free.
  • Empowering employees with ESS allows them to submit their expenses on a regular basis rather than at the end of the month, saving immense time and paperwork at the end of the month when HR and Accounts are busy with the monthly payroll process. Also with our ESS module integration, employees can use their smartphone application to take pictures of their expense bills and upload directly for approval by the concerned authority.
  • Additionally, our GPS based tracking gives HR and Managers a detailed daily report of an employee’s movement during a day, this information can be used to verify mileage claims by your employees, giving you an added layer of monitoring your expenses and overhead.

This module of HR Mangtaa enables the user to create and manage employee loan and advance policies. Employees can request loans which are then reviewed, approved, and converted to loan agreement which include terms of payment, interest rate, and the life of the loan. In the case of a simple advance the system just notes the amount given as an advance. During the payroll process the payroll module will take any outstanding loan or advance payments and consider those when calculating the individuals payout for the month.

  • Employees can request loans which are then reviewed, approved, and converted to loan agreement which include terms of payment and the life of the loan.
  • Loan payments are processed automatically through the payroll at the end of each pay period.
  • Advances can also be managed similarly.
  • An organization can create multiple loan types.
  • Different payment methods to repay loan amount can also be defined within the system.
  • Automatic carry forward facility for outstanding payments is also available.

HR Mangtaa’s Employee Self Service module is the web and mobile solution that connects HR with all the employees in the company. The module is the critical interface needed to bring value added services in the hands of the employee such as, Location Tracking, TDS & Tax Planner, Performance Management, Training Management, Onboarding, Skills Assessment etc. It allows employees to make all requests, view and maintain their investments, pay slips, leaves, tasks, attendance and personal information from their desktops or mobile devices.

In short this is the module that helps save HR considerable time by streamlining many processes within the HR function and putting the onus on the employee to monitor their own profiles. With ESS HR is able to reduce their workload immensely while at the same time empowering employees as they are able to monitor all aspects of their employment right from their hire day all the way to the day they receive their full and final settlement.

  • The critical interface that connects the organization with the employees.
  • Increases the experience and interactivity between employee’s and the organization from day one.
  • Empowers employees to manage their own records within the company.
  • Maintains promotions and salary increment history of employees.
  • Employees can view and monitor their attendance IN/OUT punch, as well Leave Balances etc.
  • Employees can apply or modify or cancel their leave requests.
  • Employees can check status of pending claims, leave application etc.
  • Employees can view and print his salary pay slip.

Compatibility of HRMangtaa Mobile Application

Version Version Code Users Ratio HRMangtaa Support
2.3.3 – 2.3.7
Ice Cream Sandwich
4.0.0 NO
Jelly Bean
2.40% YES
4.2.x 3.50% YES
4.3 1.00% YES
4.4.4 KitKat 15.10% YES
7.10% YES
5.0.1 21.70% YES
6.0.0 Marshmallow 32.20% YES
14.20% YES
7.0.1 1.60% YES

HR Mangtaa helps HR to create TDS policy for an employee. Our module is seamlessly integrated with the rest of the modules in our Human Resources Management System. Salary information from Payroll & savings information from Employee Self Service are used in Tax Calculation.

  • Enter the Investment details and get the instant projections for TDS.
  • Tax planning can be done with this module easily, by testing various combinations to get the best combination.
  • Employee savings projections can be captured in the Income Tax module or from the ESS during the year.
  • Form 16 can be easily generated using payroll, tax and exemption data available in the module.

This module of HR Mangtaa connects employees, managers and HR professional for real-time collaboration and communication. HR Mangtaa PMS Module helps you review and track performance goals of your employees. Module helps organization to identify employee growth opportunities, retention and satisfaction strategies.

  • User defined performance evaluation parameters.
  • 3D dashboards.
  • Unlimited number of performance appraisals provided
  • Reports generated for quick Analysis.
  • Appraisal can be set department wise.
  • Managers in collaboration with HR can create KRA (Key Result Area).
  • Senior management and HR can create organizational goals with the help of KRA.
  • Single best means to identify and retain top talent within your organization.

HR Mangtaa training module helps user to schedule, track and report on employee training providing real-time visibility into the performance of your training programs. For every organization retaining talent is a top priority in this competitive market and having a well-structured training program that is effective and relevant is a critical aspect of this process. Employees today understand that continuous learning and updating is critical to their future career prospects and an organization that contributes towards continued growth of their employees is more likely to retain talent within the organization.

  • Set up an unlimited number of training groups based on job position, title, team and shift.
  • Create any number of training topics like category and sub-category.
  • Create a set of questions to which an employee can answer subjectively.
  • Employees can give their feedback and ratings of the training programs.
  • Reports available on training costs by course, employee, job title, work group and many more.

Attracting top talent is another critical role of HR within an organization. An organization that looks and feels professional and has a well-crafted recruitment and interviewing process is most likely to be able to attract new talent.

Recruitment Management module covers the core process by which employees are attracted, evaluated and brought into the organization. Recruitment Management module Provide a comprehensive solution for the entire recruitment process, including requests from staff, approval of vacancies, entering requirements, capturing candidates’ information, short listing, interview notes and many other features.

  • Adding a Requisition.
  • Defining job and position.
  • Display jobs online and have jobseekers apply directly online.
  • Capturing and filtering down suitable candidate resumes.
  • Track down interview process details and manage interview notes and history.
  • Generate offer letter.

HR Mangtaa onboarding module helps user with an understanding of the values, introduction of the organization and their new role, to involve them into the organization from the very 1st day. It provides a channel to create awareness on how an employee’s job activities impact the overall company and is the 1st step in making new employees feel a part of the organization.

  • Helps to improve the relationship between the new employee and the organization.
  • Managers and HR can track employee progression throughout the onboarding process from required documentation, required trainings or meetings
  • Simple and smooth onboarding process.
  • Make Onboarding efficient and a strategic part of your business

HR Mangtaa skills module allows user to evaluate themselves on skills critical to their individual roles. Their reporting manager would also rate the same, hence creating a Gap Analysis that identifies the difference in employee perception and reality. The module also generates reports at aggregate levels for job profiles within the organization.

  • Manage talent better within your organizations with Skill assessment.
  • Manager reviews the skills profile of employees, shares feedback, discusses, seeks changes and finally approves
  • Managers can create Job Specific Profiles using Skills Profiler.
  • Easily map skill gaps of different positions or departments within the company
  • Perform Skills Gap Analysis at individual, position and organization levels

This is the module that gives organization the tools they need to get a high level understanding of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. HR analytics is the Business Intelligence businesses need to increase productivity, lower costs and efficiently manage all Human Resources within the organization.

  • Manage talent better within your organizations with Skill assessment.
  • Manager reviews the skills profile of employees, shares feedback, discusses, seeks changes and finally approves
  • Managers can create Job Specific Profiles using Skills Profiler.
  • Easily map skill gaps of different positions or departments within the company
  • Perform Skills Gap Analysis at individual, position and organization levels